What started as a personal commitment to sketch daily, soon became a catalyst for my own transformation. It also lead to my greater purpose of elevating art as a tool for self-reflection, self-care, and healing. Through art, I was able to sketch and paint my way through complex emotions and process both my conscious and unconscious thoughts. The benefits of this practice became evident in my mental and emotional well being. It also became a therapeutic tool in helping process anxiety and trauma. 

It has become my mission to share this practice with the world and to help others find their own way.

“The beauty of SketchPoetic comes from engaging in the act of creation. I want people to connect with the creation process as much as the outcome- to create without planning, without analyzing, without fear, and without expectations… because it’s liberating. It begins in a safe place where you can quiet your mind. It moves with you as your mind sparks with child-like curiosity and it becomes exactly what you need to express.”