The Road to SketchPoetic.  

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the women of Ladies Roadmap to discuss my journey to SketchPoetic. In this episode, we spoke about what drove me to return to my artist's roots, how SketchPoetic came to be, and the valuable lessons I've learned since


Sheila Darcey shares an intimate conversation about the deep responsibility she feels as a second generation immigrant to take care of her family and make the most out of the opportunities she has been given.  

She talks of reaching the pinnacle in her career, yet feeling there was something missing in her life.  Returning to her artistic roots and tapping into her own unconscious mind through her artistic sketching served as a tool for her own healing and enlightenment.  

Sheila describes her art as a form of daily meditation and says, “The beauty of art is in the process of creation itself.  To be in the state of flow allows for unfiltered concepts and thoughts which also serves as a way to connect with others in a way that brings forth your whole self.  I want people to connect with the process as much as the outcome, to create without over-thinking or analyzing, to create without fear, to create without expectations and to create because it’s fun. It’s about being in a safe place to quiet the mind and spark the child-like curiosity we sometimes lose in our busy lives.”